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Last updated 28th October 2015

Based in Leicester, Modest Web Sites, targets small businesses, clubs, associations or just individuals who wish to be on the Internet, probably for the first time, with a simple, uncomplicated website.

John will work with you to design your website, which will be easy to understand, easy to navigate and will not require great computer skills.  

The website can contain text, photographs, clip art, scanned in documents and other electronic presented information such as graphs and spread sheets.  

The website can be based on professionally produced templates or from a blank sheet, as this website has been. Everything will be explained in simple terms without hiding behind computer jargon.

The website design will reflect the culture of the organisation, from fun & funky to serious & business like.  Above all it will be informative.

John Baron

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What’s the point of having a website?

Many small businesses advertise in community newspapers but cannot afford the space to effectively promote their business.  The solution to this problem is a website!

In the advertisement just add your website address, and use the website to show just what your business has to offer.

To start with, John can produce a small three page website,and later it can be expanded to a larger website.

Some Clubs and businesses have commissioned John to go straight to a large site.

After paying for the site construction, domain name and registration with Freevirtualserver, he now only has to pay about £13 every 2 years to keep the domain name.  

He no longer sees the need to continue with his Yellow Pages website, saving him over £20 per month.

Dave saw the point!

Dave Cox, our local chimney sweep took advantage of this, and John has set up his small website -

Enderby Conservative Club saw the point too!

It was obvious from the start that a three page site would be inappropriate for the Enderby Conservative Club

John has been managing this site now since 2006, with many changes and additions over the years.

John has produced larger websites for other businesses and clubs too, and provides an economical managing package for them.