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at a modest price
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Modest Websites Small Site modest offer

The modest price - just £99

In addition there will be a fee to register or transfer a domain name and a Free Virtual Server initial set up fee, about £15 in total

Why are my fees so low?  Well, I am retired and have no expensive overheads.  I am targeting people who want a simple site to display their goods and services.

Small Sites created by Modest Websites.

The Leicester Chimney Sweep is a basic site.  Dave says that the site maintains his customer base and has had many positive comments about it.

Glenhills Sports & Social Club is a basic site.  The club is happy to leave it like this for the present.

Chain Maille Jewellery is a basic site that has been expanded.  Joanne has had more jewellery and pages added.  She intends to add more later too!

Blaby DIC Bridge Club is a basic site just designed to give information.  It is unlikely that it will be expanded.